mi cosa de resistance – blank polaroids [rtr]

“’Blank Polaroids’ is a 40-minute melancholic journey, through a hiss-full atmosphere”

The 30th physical release on RTR comes all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina, from an artist who has been a great friend of the label over the years. Fernando Perales has been creating and releasing music under the name of Mi Cosa de Resistance since 2017, having released on labels such as Whitelabrecs, Elm Records, Aural Tethers, Left Tapes and many others. ‘Blank Polaroids’ (RTR030) builds on an expansive discography, exploring Perales’ recognisable style of repurposed sound, lo-fi textures, and a warm sense of nostalgia.

“‘Blank Polaroids’ was recorded in January 2020 at Le Silence, my home studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As with the rest of my albums, it is based on vinyl sampling and composed with bits and pieces taken from obscure and shameful vinyl records that I piece back together again with Frankensteinian passion. The album is inspired by a collection of old, found polaroid photographs.

Structured and conceived to be released on tape from the beginning, this album also represents a breakthrough in my production style; recorded straight to a Fostex X-18 Portastudio and slightly mixed in the box, right from the start I realised that the usage of tape imposes its own rules and sonic character to music, defining and constraining your workflow and decision-making process.

Tape imprints emotional and evocative nuances that fit perfectly with my musical “poetica”. To be honest, it took me a while to understand that lo-fi-ness was an essential feature or an aesthetic element that I could not overlook to achieve the melodramatic effect that I always pursue with my music.” – Fernando Perales

Released September 28, 2020

All music produced and mixed by Fernando Perales
Recorded at Le silence Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Hymns57

‘Blank Polaroids’ was released alongside ‘Slö Tungg’ (RTR029) by Hymns57. The double bundles have since sold out, but both albums are still available individually.

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