hymns57 – slö tungg [rtr]

While working primarily with guitars, effects, pianos and synth, Hymns57 is the solo project of Belgian/Canadian artist Steven de Taeye. An arbiter of ambient noise and his sound ventures have produced over a dozen releases to date. Including releases on Whitelabrecs (Home Diaries Series) and two features on Rusted Tone Recordings’ annual compilations. Hymns57 often adopts field recording, found sounds and samples to orchestrate a multivariate sonic landscape. Layers of carefully woven tape loops and reel to reel loops offer a temporary memory palace of unique textures that evoke a lingering nostalgia, a formula designed to immerse you into a dynamic and audio experience.

On his newest release here on RTR, ‘Slö Tungg’ (RTR029) showcases a sense of patience and a focus on delivering emotions in a more concise time frame. Moving away from the track lengths being in the double digits. The tracks on ‘Slö Tungg’ create subtle passages for the listener to move through. Pushing those end of summer vibes to the forefront as the autumnal season and its colour changing takes shape within the 13 tracks here.

Released September 28, 2020

Written and recorded by Hymns57
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Hymns57

‘Slö Tungg’ was released alongside ‘Blank Polaroids’ (RTR030) by Mi Cosa de Resistance (more on this tomorrow!). The double bundles have since sold out, but both albums are still available individually.

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