bowditch – songs for wyatting [rtr]

The three tracks here are all made from different kinds of silence and utilise MIDI data extracted from Robert Wyatt’s ‘Dondestan’ LP using Ableton’s Convert Melody to MIDI function. 

‘Rock Bottom’ takes the click of a stylus on the run out groove of the B-side of Robert Wyatt’s LP which was gifted to Stuart by activist and artist Nicola Field. ‘RNID cassette’ is made from tape hiss, found at the end of the intended contents of a Royal National Institute for the Deaf cassette containing different kinds of tinnitus, which Stuart digitised for artist Damien Robinson. ‘Apollo 12’ uses radio silence from communications on the moon landing mission which were made available via the NASA website. 

‘Songs for Wyatting’ takes its inspiration from wyatting, described on urban dictionary as ‘…the practice of deliberately selecting annoying or extreme music on an mp3 jukebox to cause irritation to others…’

released August 31, 2020 

Recorded by Stuart Bowditch 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Photography by Stuart Bowditch

‘Songs for Wyatting (RTR028) is available now on tape, digital, and as part of a double album bundle alongside Carnivorous Plants – ‘Storm Ruler’ (RTR027).

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