carnivorous plants – storm ruler [rtr]

The latest album from Bristol-based Carnivorous Plants celebrates lo-fi, improvisation, and the ancient folk history of Wales. The album’s opener, ‘Ysbidinongyl Lament’, builds found sound textures as a choir swells to the point of tape saturation. ‘An Ocean Above The Clouds’ will be familiar with regular listeners; an earlier version appeared on the RTR sampler Vol. 3 at the beginning of 2020. The long-form ‘Resurrection Cauldron’ makes up side B of the tape and the final track on the album, with dense guitar drones and harmonic distortion.

“‘Storm Ruler’ is an interpretation of some of the tales from The Mabinogion. The book is a compilation of folk-tales and myths from ancient Wales. The music is an attempt to blend my own musical style with the mass choral music of South Wales where I grew up. 

The album is dedicated to my Grandfather Wynne . A great point of inspiration for this album and my broader art in general.” – Carnivorous Plants. 

Collaborating with Cardboard Club label founder Robert Ridley-Shackleton resulted in the vibrant a playful artwork, supporting themes of growing up listening to tales of myth and legend.

‘Storm Ruler’ (RTR027) is out now on tape, digital, and as part of a double album bundle alongside Bowditch’s ‘Songs for Wyatting’ (RTR028) (more on this one tomorrow!).

released August 31, 2020 

Performed and recorded by Carnivorous Plants 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork by Carnivorous Plants & Robert Ridley-Shackleton

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