wallofambient mix 002: andrew sherwell

Our next Wallofambient mix sees guest Andrew Sherwell pull together some selections spanning drone, dark ambient and experimental sound territories. Artists included range from Room40 boss Lawrence English, Oiseaux-Tempete onto the lighter folk-tinged opener by Ben McElroy.

Andrew is an artist based in the UK, with his own releases available through Rusted Tone, Hibernate, Shimmering Moods and Whitelabrecs. He produces several of his own mixes including guest slots for Deep Breakfast, Hibernate and Whitelabrecs’ cassette mix series.

  1. Ben McElroy – The Sacrifice   [Whitelabrecs]
  2. Oiseaux-Tempete – Drone Alpha  [TLAMESS]
  3. Aaron Bianchi – Time Lapse   [Healing Sound Protaganist]
  4. Lawrence English – Know Your Exit   [Boomkat Editions]
  5. Eric Holm – Alioth   [Subtext]
  6. Petr Goncharov – Thy Cross We Worship
  7. Enrico Coniglio and Giulio Aldinucci – With An Encrypted Travel Guide   [Dronarivm]
  8. Amonism and The Revenant Sea – Vulture Path   [The Hidden]
  9. Oiseaux-Tempete – Une Etrange Foret   [TLAMESS]
  10. Carlo Giustini – Gil Spiriti Della Marca   [Vaagner]
  11. Frederic D. Oberland – Abysse   [Nahal]

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