federico mosconi – sails [unknown tone records]

Unknown Tone Records is pleased to welcome Italian artist Federico Mosconi to the label for his full length release of “Sails” a blissful ambient work, that pulls the listeners attention into a sea of light and love. Drifting through field recordings and processed guitar drones this album features a tender reflective mood that embraces the audience as if drifting through moonlit sea scapes at dusk.
Federico, an italian guitarist, graduating with a degree in classical guitar and multimedia composition. His live performances range from classical to contemporary styles , from solo to ensemble performances (EMUFest Roma, GAS Festival Goteborg, Festival Angelica Bologna) and orchestral works of authors such as H.W.Henze, B.Maderna and A.Schnittke. His primary dicipline is guitar and the use of Ableton Max/MSP. He’s also released titles on labels such as, Slowcraft Records, Shimmering Moods Records, Midira, KrysaliSound, 3LuneRecords, & Tranquillo Records. This marks Federico’s first release with Unknown Tone Records and we are pleased to share this work with the world. Enjoy!

All songs, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Federico Mosconi
Album Cover double exposure by Mark Kuykendall

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