rinnovare – ingrávido [ambientologist]

Ushering in the first Ambientologist single, Rinnovare offers a duo of stunning pieces that expand with emotion and grace. Washing over with heavenly textures, yet grounded in the soul of the strings and piano, Ingrávido presents a duality of tales, one humble and the other uplifting. 

In searching for grounding during a season of deconstruction, and hoping to find meaning within Western society, these two pieces eventually became a vessel of catharsis for Rinnovare. Based on sketches he had recorded years earlier while living in Ensenada, Mexico, he returned to them once in Canada, expanding them into a new form. Taken together, they tell a story of laying down one’s burden, surrendering to the unknown, and making way for a new light and freedom. 

More than just a pairing of tracks, these artefacts of rebirth are profoundly important to Rinnovare, and it is Ambientologist’s honour and privilege to showcase them. 

All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Rinnovare 
Violin and cello performed by Chloe Davidson 
Mixed by Andrew Judah 
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri 
Photograph by Rinnovare 
Design by Ambientologist

releases August 13, 2020

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