wallofambient mix 001: harry towell

Our very first Wallofambient mix is by Harry Towell, who runs the Whitelabrecs label from Lincolnshire, UK. In this inaugural mix, Harry includes recent editions from his label catalog, alongside pieces from other Wallofambient labels such as Dronarivm, 12k and Rusted Tone. There are also pieces from the wider scene by Okkyung Lee, Roméo Poirier and The Green Kingdom and some classics by The Gentleman Losers, Rudi Arapahoe and Olga Wojciechowska.

The mix is a blend of deep, warm Ambient drones, modern classical chamber sounds and light electro-acoustic or folk tones, transitioned harmonically for a seamless listen.

  1. Mikael Lind – Piano Says Goodbye   [Whitelabrecs]
  2. Porya HatamiRestless (Tomotsugu Nakamura Remix)  [Dronarivm]
  3. The Green Kingdom – Autumn Returns   [Past Inside The Present]
  4. Olga Wojciechowska – Walk My Shadow Home   [Time Released Sound]
  5. Sinerider – Lapis   [Dronarivm]
  6. Spheruleus – The Ocean Yawns   [Hibernate]
  7. A Home For Ghosts – Querencia   [Rusted Tone]
  8. Jens Pauly – Fairge   [Whitelabrecs]
  9. Luis Miehlich – Waves Of…   [Whitelabrecs]
  10. Tom James Scott – In Tangled Water   [Students of Decay]
  11. Pie Are Squared – Apricity   [Whitelabrecs]
  12. Adrian Lane – Unexpected Summer   [Hibernate]
  13. Inventions – Saw You In A Movie   [Temporary Residence]
  14. Roméo Poirier – Trace Palmaire   [Sferic]
  15. Tomotsugu Nakamura – Literature   [Laaps]
  16. This Valley Of Old Mountains – Honii   [12k]
  17. The Gentleman Losers – Shelter From The Rain   [Sound in Silence]
  18. Offthesky – Between The Grey   [Hidden Vibes]
  19. Rudi Arapahoe Forest Of Arches   [Symbolic Interaction]
  20. Okkyung Lee Facing Your Shadows   [Shelter Press]
  21. Greg Foat Undulation   [Strut]

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