zakè & jordan christoff [rtr]

Contemporary ambient and drone composers zakè and Jordan Christoff team up for a new split release titled ‘Apotheosis’ (RTR026). The opening track, ‘Evidence of Things Not Seen’ by zakè patiently unfolds over the course of 27 minutes. The songs warm nature is both comforting and restorative. Jordan Christoff contributes two deeply emotive and engaging tracks ‘Matriarchy’ and ‘Rippling’. Both embody a sense of intrigue and intimacy, reassuring the listener that they are not alone in whatever they are experiencing. – Nick Turner (Tyresta)

Alongside zakè and Jordan Christoff’s split, yesterday also delivered the release of ‘Forgive the Trespass’ (RTR025), from Seattle-based Jeff Brown (more on this in the previous RTR post).

Released July 28, 2020

Track 1: Composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by zakè
Track 2 & 3: Composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Jordan Christoff
Mastered at Kaleidoscope Tone Studio (IN) by zakè

Zake Jordan Split Stack

Jeff Zake Jordan 3

Jeff Zake Jordan 2

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