oberlin – übersee [handstitched*]

Oberlin and Handstitched* meet again for another stunning release. After the first release “Lent” was released in early 2019, Oberlin is back with “Übersee” – a full-length odyssey, balancing smack-dab on the edge of darkness and shimmering clarity.

“Übersee” is an old german term for the lands across the sea – an imagined journey to unfrequented places, the title existed months before the recent travel-restrictions, nevertheless it still resonates in the nostalgic term somehow, too.

All music written and recorded by Oberlin with a Eurorack Modular system and electric guitar in 2018 at Oberlin’s Studio 4 in Koblenz, Germany.

“Übersee” comes in a limited-edition gatefold book cover with unique mini collages created by Handstitched* and Spirograph artworks in four individual designs by Carolyn Sleith, 35mm film negatives are applied to the insert strip with hand-stamped CD’s and each edition comes hand-numbered.

Artwork, collages, design and packaging by Handstitched* Individual Spirograph designs hand-drawn by Carolyn Sleith. Limited to 40, hand-numbered copies [HS31]

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