danny clay – ocean park [laaps]

Danny Clay is a composer / general noise maker from Ohio, now living in San Francisco. Chamber music, open forms, found objects, analog media, digital errata, toy instruments, and everything in between are his artistic guidance. 

Whose work is deeply rooted in curiosity, collaboration, and the sheer joy of making things with people of all ages and levels of artistic experience. He builds worlds of inquiry, play, and perpetual discovery that integrate elements of sound, movement, theater, and visual design. Children’s games, speculative systems, cognitive puzzles, invented notation, found objects, imaginary archives, repurposed media, micro-improvisations, and happy accidents all make frequent appearances in his projects. 

Recent collaborators include Kronos Quartet, Eighth Blackbird, Third Coast Percussion, Volti, the San Francisco Girls Chorus, Wu Man, Sarah Cahill, Phyllis Chen, and printmaker Jon Fischer. His work has been performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP), Ensemble Dal Niente, and has been presented in a bunch of various Museums, Foundations and Art Centers. throughout US. 

After 2 years since his last solo release, he comes back with “Ocean Park”, a masterpiece evolving between ambient, chamber music and contemporary music. 

Released June 4, 2020  Ian Scarfe – harmonium 
Philip Brezina – violin 
Christina Simpson – viola 
James Jaffe – cello 
Danny Clay – voice, music box, combs, turntables, electronics 

Special Thanks: 
Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival, Jon Fischer 

Fall 2019, Taos, New Mexico, US 

Mastered by Ian Hawgood 
Artwork by Anni Leppälä 
Design by Sprflxgrfzm

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